Christmas Morn

I promise this will be my last post with Christmas pictures…I can’t stop okay?

We just had so much fun! And I feel the need to share it with you.

Little Man was super into opening presents this year…almost embarrassingly so.  He was so excited he would open one thing and even if he was really excited about it, he was run to another and want to open it.  I say next year we just wrap up his old toys… 🙂

My husband is so silly…and my sister is so beautiful!

My brotha’ is a thug…

And my parents are super duper cute!

And they are incredibly generous!  Little Man was so excited when he opened the below gift he shouted out at the top of his lungs, “ITS A…DRAGON!!!”  (See the pictures below for the full hilariousness of that statement.)

Just in case you can’t tell… and you are worried that my parents are buying our son a mid-evil pet, it was NOT a dragon but a wagon.

How we got all my parents generosity home to Alabama can only be attributed to the amazing packing skills of none other than, my Hubby!

Christmas dinner was delish with quite a spread.  Little Man liked the “Kew-keyes” best.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Morn too!


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