The happiest little girl I know…

I got the joy and privilege of meeting my sweet Sal’s little baby girl, Lydia, for the first time during our visit with my family.

She. Is. Precious!

I seriously could not get enough of her.

Little Man even fell in love at first sight.  All he wanted to do was hold her.

This kid loves babies.

I even got the special treat of getting a long hang out time with Sal and her sweet little girl again later during our visit.

I got to give her a little gift I made…I think she likes it!

I mean really…what girl doesn’t appreciate clothing and matching accessories!  🙂

Even over her little sleeper, she looks like she ready for a night on the town!

I really don’t think I could get this girl to stop smiling if I tried.  She is just so cute!

Breaks my heart to even just look at these pictures!

Miss you already Sal!

Here’s a picture Sal took of her Daddy holding her on New Years Eve, all ready to party the night away in her little outfit!

I mean, really, how much cuter can a little girl even get than this?




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