Homemade ‘White Cheddar’ Popcorn

So I won’t even attempt to argue with the fact that bagged pre-popped popcorn or even microwavable popcorn is both delicious and convenient.

However I can argue that it is not healthy for you…even if the box says it is! BOXES LIE! 🙂

Not only are most bagged popcorn’s laden with preservatives, MSG, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavorings, but the bags themselves contain a carcinogenic (meaning known to be cancer causing) substance called PFOA.   It is the same substance found in non-stick pans made with Teflon.  The PFOA in popcorn bags and others items (including most ‘made-for-the-microwave’ foods) repel the oil inside the bag and create a non stick surface, much like a pan would.

SO…all of that said to say:  We make our own popcorn ’round these parts.  And boy is it delicious!  AND SO EASY!

Here’s my new favorite recipe:

Homemade White Cheddar Popcorn

1/3 cup plain popping corn

1 Tbsp. coconut oil

1 Tbsp. butter (can sub all butter if you don’t have coconut oil)

1/2 tsp salt and additional for shaking on later

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (I like the powdered kind for this)

sprinkle of garlic powder

In a larger sauce pan or medium soup pan heat oil and butter until slightly simmering over medium high heat.  Pour in popping corn.  Wait 30 seconds or so and sprinkle in 1/2 tsp. salt and a bit of garlic powder. Cover with a lid.  Turn the heat down to a little above medium.  Wait for the popping to start.  It will pop vigorously for a minute or two.  When it slows down significantly to around 1 pop every 5-10 seconds, remove from heat. Have a large bowl and parmesan cheese ready.  Pour the hot popped corn into the bowl and immediately sprinkle cheese over the corn tossing with your hand to evenly coat.  Use a salt shaker to add any more salt to taste.   Then enjoy as a mid afternoon snack, a treat with a good movie, or a fun light lunch.

I am telling you it is SO good.  You will want to have extra ingredients on hand so you can make some more as soon as its gone…SO GOOD!

From our home to yours, enjoy! Let me know if you try it!


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9 responses to “Homemade ‘White Cheddar’ Popcorn

  1. lacytatum

    Hadn’t thought of using parmesan!

    Question–where do you think you can buy real white cheddar? How would you use it for popcorn? I used to love buying the white cheddar popcorn on road trips.

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      I have been buying it at our local Publix grocery store. Maybe you could try Kroger? I hadn’t tried using it on popcorn though! Could be delicious! I would maybe try to shred it and then toss the hot popped kernels in a few handfuls of it? If you try it let me know!

  2. what do you guys use to make scrambled eggs? Do you just use a stainless steel skillet with oil/butter (a pain IMO) or do you have a PFOA-free non-stick skillet?

  3. umm, this isn’t WHITE CHEDDAR popcorn, it’s Parmesan popcorn

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Astute observation my unknown friend…however that is why I put quotes around it. True, it is not made with white cheddar…although it does taste like ‘white cheddar popcorn’. Give it a try!

  4. King Arthur Flour has a great Vermont Cheddar powder that works great on popcorn. Just sprinkle over the popped corm just after you finish popping it.

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      I just looked up the product you shared and this seems like a GREAT option for genuine “White Cheddar” popcorn. It seems like from the information on the website that it is 100% cheddar cheese powder as far as ingredients go. Thanks for sharing!

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