Upstairs bathroom= Pink and Black Beauty

So remember when I took on the task of re-doing our yucky super small upstairs bathroom with all the pink porcelain?

Well, she’s done. (Has been for…6 months maybe??)  And I LOVE her!  I found a gold framed mirror on Craigslist,  painted it white and hung it over the bathroom sink.

I found that nifty little shelfy thing between the toilet and the sink at a yard sale and brought it home for 2 bucks and gave it a fresh coat of white paint.  Hubby cut off some of the legs on the bottom and it fits like a glove into that little space between the sink and the abode.  It’s nice because our bathroom is SO TINY and doesn’t have a closet or any cabinets or drawers.

The little black shelves on the wall I bought at Hobby Lobby when wall decor was 50% off.  The little square mirrors I bought for 0.25 a piece at a yard sale and painted them black.  The glass apothecary jars I found at Wally World for a couple bucks a piece.  And the glass jars on the top shelf…one is a Frank’s Hot Sauce bottle and the other two are olive oil jars.  I soaked them both and took off the labels and plopped a fake hydrangea that was used at Hubby and my wedding as decor for the pews during the ceremony.

I feel as though this little bathroom is ready to rest for a while.  I like it.  She’s a cutie.  Even with the pink tile remaining!

I love all the black and white toile in here.  I think it looks classy.  Not bad for scrap fabric and yard sale items!

Now Hubby is focusing in on building our master bath…from scratch.



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5 responses to “Upstairs bathroom= Pink and Black Beauty

  1. rmwest

    I love the apothecary jars…and I also love the word apothecary 🙂 it looks beautiful!!

  2. Laura

    you are so talented…you make this bathroom look amazing! can I hire you to come and spice up my house?!!! love you!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Lol thanks! And YES for sure! I will do it for free. I have found I really love doing stuff like this…but only when its with stuff that I can buy for quarters at yard sales… 🙂

  3. lacytatum

    Can there be a spiritual gift of “finding the right item for the right price?” If so — you have it! Haha. : )

    Looks great, and as always, admiring your cleverness & craftiness!

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