Dancing Machine

Our son is…hilarious.  I laugh with him daily.  Hubby and I have a hay day exchanging silly Little Man stories at the end of the day.  The most hilarious one recently happened early this morning as Hubby went to correct  Little Man after he had thrown a play tractor across the room.

Hubby (with his morning breath..we’ve all got it!) got down to his level, got close to Little Man’s face and told him firmly, “We do not throw trucks across the room…”

Little Man sniffed the air and reported back to his Daddy, “Smells like poo poo…”

I laugh so hard out loud right now as I type, just recalling the incident.  (Updated to inform that I have hubby’s complete permission to share that story!)

Here are some videos from this MLK holiday morning of our hilarious Little Man being a dancing machine.





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5 responses to “Dancing Machine

  1. rmwest

    BAH I love the second one where he stubs his toe and then tries to get you to kiss it…and then he kisses it. Too funny / precious.

  2. Cristal

    AWW, I love it!

  3. Grandma Woof

    Oh Mommy! Give that pinky toe a kiss! LOL CUTE

  4. lacytatum

    Haha, love it!! Especially that he kissed his own toe. : )

    Anna enjoyed these, too!

  5. Martina Penter

    First of all that is a HILARIOUS story!
    Second – Colton and Isaac have all the same dance moves. Ha!

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