Its looking like a bathroom!

Some of you knew about Hubby and my original plan, upon buying our first home, to put a master bathroom into our very awkwardly large master bedroom.

Well, it has begun. And actually has been going for several months now. And its finally looking like a bathroom!

Take a look!

View from the door of bedroom.

Mirror frames Eric built to go over the double sink vanity… that he built.  He’s so handy!

The garden tub all framed in.

The corner shower all framed in.

And here’s where it all started:  the removal of the ceiling vent…its come a long way!

Here’s a video tour for you as well 🙂

(Mostly for my parents…because they may just be the original do-it-yourself-ers)


On the to-do list:






Lots and lots of painting.  We’ve got a long way to go.

But some how, the massive deconstruction of our bedroom does not bother me!  Good thing 🙂




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4 responses to “Its looking like a bathroom!

  1. lacytatum

    Ahhh, wow!! It looks so great!! Thanks for filling us in. Can’t wait to see the results!

    And you are a bigger woman than I am… I would hate all that construction! : ) Proud of ya!

  2. Martina Penter

    WOW! I’m really impressed with Eric’s construction skills! It’s looking great already!

  3. rmwest

    that looks AMAZING!!

  4. Grandma Woof

    I can’t believe how for you have come on this project. Eric definitely knows his construction! It is looking great! Make sure you tell him how proud we are!

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