Baby Booties…calm down, not for us.

No we are not having another baby right now.

And no I am not talking about baby bottoms.

We have SO many sweet friends who are pregnant right now and I have been wanting to make something tiny and special for them.  I came across a pattern here and I absolutely can not stop making these little things!  See how cute they are??

I mean really, how sweet are they!  I want to keep every pair I make, but alas, there are no little feet in this house.

(Please take note of this fact, as I realize that my posting of tiny baby things could lead our friends and family on…I assure you, there are no little feet in this house 🙂

Hers another pair with a matching embellished burp cloth:

And another for a boy with a little bird embellishment:

And the cutest little pair of plaid baby shoes I may have ever seen.

This is my favorite thing I have been working on as of late.

Although I have been sewing a lot.  So you may be seeing a lot of sewing posts soon…who knows.  I make many more things than I get inspired to post on the blog.  Its much more fun to make things than it is to post about them!  🙂



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6 responses to “Baby Booties…calm down, not for us.

  1. lacytatum

    Ahhhh!!! Cute overload!
    I LOVE them!!

  2. Grandma Woof

    I saw the post and immediately got excited! Someday again! They are so very cute though!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      lol…mom…even though I put it in the title that it wasn’t for us you still got excited…?? You’re funny. Love you!

  3. Annette

    How do I place my order? So very very Cute!!!!

  4. Laura

    SOO cute!! ahh another project I want to do!! not enough time in my day!

  5. Kristy Richards

    These are gorgeous!!! Well done! I would think about another baby just to have little feet to put these on! Or…do you make them in adult sizes?? ;p

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