Dear Cold and Flu Season,

Oh how loath you.  I wish you were gone.  I do so desire that you all together did not exsist.

Without love,


So we experienced a beautiful Spring like sunny weekend here.  All three days of which I spent inside experiencing one of the worst stomach bugs I can remember since college.  Whew!  It was a doosey.

There’s nothing quite like a debilitating and thankfully fleeting illness to make me incredibly thankful for day to day health.

Lots of other things to be thankful for:

-I got sick Friday night, so Hubby was home to take care of me all weekend and didn’t have to take any time off.

-Hubby took care of me 🙂

-Hubby and Little Man both are still healthy and haven’t caught it.  Please, if you are a praying person, pray that God in His mercy might spare them this bug.

-I had a home and bed and bathroom :-/ to rest in while I was sick!

-We had the resources we needed to purchase everything that was helpful in my recovery, which consisted all together of ginger ale, Emetrol,  and ‘whole wheat’ saltine crackers. 🙂

-That this is only the second time I have been sick this season and Little Man has only been sick once with a cold!  Hooray!

Really the list goes on and on.

See I’m trying this new thing, where instead of complaining in my heart when something is uncomfortable/painful/less than ideal/etc., I attempt to list off as many things as I can think of that I have to be thankful for in that very moment, as compared to the few things that are in the way of my personal agenda.

Due to the fact the my personal agenda almost NEVER has scheduled time for exhaustive flu bugs…I had a lot of time to practice this weekend 🙂

I kid about this practice of gratitude in the face of opportunities to complain, being a new thing.  I have been attempted to create a habit of gratitude for several years now.

So this weekend was just a God given tool, to strengthen His gratefulness in me.


I hope everyone else had an restful weekend as well 🙂

Please do excuse me though, if I fall of the face of the planet for a few days to regain composure…



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6 responses to “Sickness…

  1. Martina Penter

    I really like this idea of being thankful…even when you have the stomach bug. It’s hard to be thankful in all things lots of the time. I really like this post and I’m glad you are feeling better now!

  2. Laura

    encouraged by your thankful perspective admidst the stomach bug! I actually and Moly got stomach sick last weekend!! No fun!! Glad you are feeling beter friend! Love you!

  3. rmwest

    Such a good idea! This is something I need to practice waaaaaaaay more often. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Grandma Woof

    I’m sorry you were so ill! Will defianitly be praying to keep Eric & Isaac healthy! Love you all sooooooo very Much!!!

  5. Rebecca

    My stomach turns reading that! I am sooo sorry that you were sick sister 😦 But what a sweet opportunity to grow in thankfulness and being able to practice that. Great perspective 🙂

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