Can 27 people sleep semi-comfortably in our house?

The answer is…surprisingly, yes!

With lots of blow-up mattresses, and guys willing to sleep on couches and floors, yes, our home can sleep 27 people, sardine style.

Several of our closest friends are on staff with Campus Outreach at Bradley University in Peroria, IL.  The last two years they have caravaned through Huntsville with a large group of college students, on their way to Panama City for something called Beach Reach during Spring Break.  It just so happens that we moved to Huntsville almost two years ago!

So are their long journey, we invited them to crash at our place.  They come in at 2am, sleep until 8am, eat some breakfast and continue on their trek to Florida.

I have to say, that it is such a blessing to us to have these students and friends in our home!

Here are a few pictures from this years stay:

Missing a few peeps…but you get the picture.

You may notice that you don’t see Little Man in any of these pictures.  That is because he was too busy running around wrestling the ‘big boys’ and having the time of his life, to stop for any photo opts.

One of those staff people just happened to be my sweet sweet friend Jana whom I LOVE and was so happy to see, even if it was such a short visit!

Its pretty crazy.  Within less than 10 hours we had 23 people come in, sleep, eat, and leave and our home is back to normal!

Oh yeah, we did charge our house guests.  It cost the men their burly strength in a true test of manhood:  The removal of the enormous tree trunk in our back yard.  See the video below for reference:

Also, the group was split into two vans and they had a chant competition.  Hubby and I were the honored judges of this event.  However, due to the fact that only one van actually made up a chant (winners!) I have only one video to show you of that.  🙂

Haha, watch Little Man in the video above…he was perplexed.

We had a lot of fun.

The ministry of Campus Outreach is pretty incredible.  God is using the people who serve this ministry as staff members to change the lives of college students, for the Gospel’s sake, all over the world.  I was one of these students!

If this interests you and you think you may like to be  a part of supporting this ministry either through prayer, service, or financial support, PLEASE ask me about it.  I would love to connect you to one of the many precious friends I have giving their lives to serve God on one of the college campuses near you.

Hope you are having a B-E-A-utiful Saturday!




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3 responses to “Can 27 people sleep semi-comfortably in our house?

  1. lacytatum

    Very fun!
    My first thought: what on earth did you cook for breakfast that could feed that many people?! So interested in knowing!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Haha! Well, I tripled a cheesy potato and sausage breakfast casserole that you make and refrigerate over night and all you have to do is bake it the next morning. I cut up a bunch of oranges, halved about 10 bananas, and had a couple lbs. of strawberries. And a lot of store bought bagels and cream cheese 🙂 Pretty easy! Last year I made the same casserole and made like 50 super easy whole wheat drop biscuits that morning. (It didn’t take long at all, really)

      But since we were out of town until late Thursday night…I figured that the homemade biscuit route was a little bit of an unrealistic expectation!

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