Yeah. We’re Spontaneous. So what?

Let me begin by stating the obvious for those of you who know us. We are NOT spontaneous. Although I do love the occasional cray-zay impromptu event.

Enter in: Our Impromptu Trip to the Beach

Yes, you heard right!

Hubby was sent out of town again for his job and Little Man and I decided to tag along.  Just so happens that the city we were staying in was less than a 2 hour drive from the beach!

Hubby came back to the hotel one afternoon after working all day and we threw out the idea of taking off and driving to the beach to play in the sand, eat some dinner, connect with some sweet sweet friends who live there, and drive back.  You know what?  We did it!  We were packed up with a change of clothes and some snacks, buckled up and in the car in less than 10 min.!

We got there a the end of a beautiful sunset.  And you know what else?

I accidentally left my camera AT HOME!!!  Oh the horrors.  So instead of weeping about it (as I could have easily done) I whipped out my phone and quickly snagged some sweet little pictures and then sat back and made the most beautiful mental portraits ever.

Little Man had a blast!  We have been talking about the ocean a lot lately.  What a treat it was for him to get to experience it!  It was the most hilarious thing watching him inch up to a receding wave and then quickly run his little feet away from an approaching wave.

He was also quite sure that a shark was going to come out of the water and get him…

You know how there are those little day to day moments when your eyes are opened and God shows Himself to be much bigger than you had previously thought…and then there are the bigger, slightly special moments that do the same?

I think this was one of those bigger, special ones.

Do you like spontaneity?



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