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Easter Week 2011

This year Easter has been particularly fun with Little Man. He is able to absorb so much more this year. He’s also able to participate in fun activities that grow his understanding of Jesus and His sacrifice for us as well as fun activities that are just… well… fun!  Like dying Easter eggs 🙂

This year we Little Man and I took a morning early in the week to make Resurrection Eggs.

Check out how to make your own here.  Each egg has something in it that reminds us of a different moment during the very first ‘Easter week’  that starts with the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples and ends with the empty tomb.  We just used things from around the house.  We have gone through these at least once a day together.  He’s been so excited about them that anyone who steps foot in our house gets to see them and hear all about them.  Its sweet to see Him excited about it.

Today we dyed Easter eggs for the first time.

Below is a little slide show of some pictures of this event.  He had a blast!

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This Easter has been so much fun with our little guy getting so big!

What a fun little man I have 🙂


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Seder Dinner

Our church has small groups the meet throughout the city in peoples homes, apartments, dormrooms, and other various living spaces 🙂 Its one of the many things Hubby and I love about our church. The last two years, our small group organized a Seder Dinner. I had never heard of this until last year.

A Seder Dinner is a traditional Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover. The meal consists of different components that retell the story of the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Its really pretty cool. Below are a few more pictures I snapped of our Seder meal this last Wednesday.

The Feast!

Hoping you too are joyously celebrating our risen Savior this week! 

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My beautiful sister in law and her baby belly :)

My sister in law let me take some maternity pics of her in March when she was in town for her shower. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it…her little boy is making me an Aunt and providing Little Man with his first 1st cousin! Very exciting

Here are a few of my favorites!

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Garden Experiment Spring 2011

Its Hubby and my dream to have a lush, fruitful garden, providing our family and others with ripe juicy organic fruits and veggies in abundance.

Unfortunately, the one thing this house of ours didn’t have on our negotiable list (things we were willing to do without upon searching for our first home) was a yard that was conducive to gardening.

Last summer we didn’t attempt much.  We were coming out of a fog of winter sickness and were just excited to be outside of the house!  This summer, our green thumbs were getting a little itchy, so we decided to do an experiement.

Hubby says a ‘competition’…but due to my aversion to anything competitive, I am calling it an experiment.

Anyways, heres the deal:

Hubby planted half of our tomato plants in our semi-shady back yard.

I planted half of our tomato plants in these large pots we had from our first summer in Tennessee. I plan on putting them in the front yard.

And Little Man…well…he just covered himself in dirt.

Whoever gets the most, highest quality produce, proves their hypothesis correct…or ‘wins’ if you’re the competitive type.  😉

I honestly hope hubby’s yard plants do better, because I do so YEARN to have a garden.  We shall see.

Happy Friday to you all 🙂

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Playin’ in the water

We made the decision to give Little Man the garden hose this weekend…and turn it on.

Below is what followed in picture form.

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As you may notice, I kept a very safe distance 🙂


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My Kitchen Surprise

So one of my close friends here in Huntsville just had their kitchen redone and it is b-e-a-utiful!  We were all commenting how much the under the cabinet lights really brighten up the kitchen.

Of course I came home and began to dream of how I could recreate some of the same effects in our kitchen, that did not include painting the cabinets white…because Hubby would kill me.

I mentioned to Hubby the under cabinet lights and how cave-like our countertop is to work on.  Seriously, its like trying to chop veggies in a dark room.  (Okay thats a little dramatic, but it is for-really un-lit under there.)

I flippantly said, “That would be such a fun surprise to come home to one day…” and then thought nothing of it again.

Last Sunday I left the house around 1:30 to go to a baby shower and when I came home at 4:30, low and behold, look what I found:

Do you see it?  DO YOU?!  Glorious light illuminating my counter top!

Do you also see how I didn’t take the dirty dished out of the sink to take the picture?  Well the dishwasher was full of clean dishes…and I wasn’t going to take all the clean dishes out just to put the dirty ones in, just so I could take a picture of my counter top.  Just keeping it real, people.  🙂

My hubby is super sweet!  He did an incredible job putting in those lights so extremely fast, all so that he could surprise me with them.  I love him.

Now hear me, under the cabinet lights may seem completely un-post-worthy to you, but for those of you who have tried to work in a poorly lit area, you know the frustration that comes with it.  These lights are an incredible blessing to me.  The kitchen really is my work space!  And I am very thankful for my new gift 🙂

Now, with the Big Bird Yellow Walls highlighted with this new lighting…I may have to paint this kitchen.



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Little Man Meets Miss Patty Cake

If you have children, you may have heard of Miss Patty Cake?  If not, you are in for a special treat 🙂

Little Man LOVES this lady.  We came across some old VHS’s at Hubby’s parents house last year of Miss Patty Cake.  She is a women who preforms a character she names, Miss Patty Cake (obviously) and she teaching children biblical truths, scripture, godly character and even things like healthy eating.

Anyways, I drove past a huge church in our area and saw that Miss Patty Cake was going to be doing a LIVE show there, that weekend. So, I called Hubby, bought tickets, and attempted to explain to Little Man that we were going to get to see her in person.  This proved to be a very hard thing to explain…

Below are a few videos and pictures of the show.  It was really fun to take him to something so special.  I think he liked it 🙂

Little Man even got to meet Miss Patty Cake!

Fun times!


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