Little Man Meets Miss Patty Cake

If you have children, you may have heard of Miss Patty Cake?  If not, you are in for a special treat 🙂

Little Man LOVES this lady.  We came across some old VHS’s at Hubby’s parents house last year of Miss Patty Cake.  She is a women who preforms a character she names, Miss Patty Cake (obviously) and she teaching children biblical truths, scripture, godly character and even things like healthy eating.

Anyways, I drove past a huge church in our area and saw that Miss Patty Cake was going to be doing a LIVE show there, that weekend. So, I called Hubby, bought tickets, and attempted to explain to Little Man that we were going to get to see her in person.  This proved to be a very hard thing to explain…

Below are a few videos and pictures of the show.  It was really fun to take him to something so special.  I think he liked it 🙂

Little Man even got to meet Miss Patty Cake!

Fun times!



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3 responses to “Little Man Meets Miss Patty Cake

  1. rmwest

    He looks so excited in the last pic. How fun!!

  2. Laura

    aww Molly loves Miss Patty Cake! We have one of her video’s Stacey gave me. So fuN!

  3. Trish

    So sweet!! I guess I have a little time yet before the world of Miss Patty Cake 🙂

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