My Kitchen Surprise

So one of my close friends here in Huntsville just had their kitchen redone and it is b-e-a-utiful!  We were all commenting how much the under the cabinet lights really brighten up the kitchen.

Of course I came home and began to dream of how I could recreate some of the same effects in our kitchen, that did not include painting the cabinets white…because Hubby would kill me.

I mentioned to Hubby the under cabinet lights and how cave-like our countertop is to work on.  Seriously, its like trying to chop veggies in a dark room.  (Okay thats a little dramatic, but it is for-really un-lit under there.)

I flippantly said, “That would be such a fun surprise to come home to one day…” and then thought nothing of it again.

Last Sunday I left the house around 1:30 to go to a baby shower and when I came home at 4:30, low and behold, look what I found:

Do you see it?  DO YOU?!  Glorious light illuminating my counter top!

Do you also see how I didn’t take the dirty dished out of the sink to take the picture?  Well the dishwasher was full of clean dishes…and I wasn’t going to take all the clean dishes out just to put the dirty ones in, just so I could take a picture of my counter top.  Just keeping it real, people.  🙂

My hubby is super sweet!  He did an incredible job putting in those lights so extremely fast, all so that he could surprise me with them.  I love him.

Now hear me, under the cabinet lights may seem completely un-post-worthy to you, but for those of you who have tried to work in a poorly lit area, you know the frustration that comes with it.  These lights are an incredible blessing to me.  The kitchen really is my work space!  And I am very thankful for my new gift 🙂

Now, with the Big Bird Yellow Walls highlighted with this new lighting…I may have to paint this kitchen.




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