Garden Experiment Spring 2011

Its Hubby and my dream to have a lush, fruitful garden, providing our family and others with ripe juicy organic fruits and veggies in abundance.

Unfortunately, the one thing this house of ours didn’t have on our negotiable list (things we were willing to do without upon searching for our first home) was a yard that was conducive to gardening.

Last summer we didn’t attempt much.  We were coming out of a fog of winter sickness and were just excited to be outside of the house!  This summer, our green thumbs were getting a little itchy, so we decided to do an experiement.

Hubby says a ‘competition’…but due to my aversion to anything competitive, I am calling it an experiment.

Anyways, heres the deal:

Hubby planted half of our tomato plants in our semi-shady back yard.

I planted half of our tomato plants in these large pots we had from our first summer in Tennessee. I plan on putting them in the front yard.

And Little Man…well…he just covered himself in dirt.

Whoever gets the most, highest quality produce, proves their hypothesis correct…or ‘wins’ if you’re the competitive type.  😉

I honestly hope hubby’s yard plants do better, because I do so YEARN to have a garden.  We shall see.

Happy Friday to you all 🙂


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