The Great Power Outage of 2011

Yes, we are alive and safe with our house intact.  Sadly, that is more than many northern Alabamians can claim right now.  We are very, VERY grateful for God’s mercy in allowing the storms to dance around Huntsville, leaving our area almost entirely untouched.  Please pray for those who lost loved ones and homes in the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama last week.  The healing and restoration of homes and lives is just beginning.

We were out of power for 4 days and 4 nights.  Hubby was unable to work due to the fact that we were just three out of 600,000 people who were without power, which included his work building.

So we made the most of the beautiful weather that followed:

-We ate many grilled meals (thank you God for our gas grill!) with neighbors.  Some even by candlelight!  🙂

-We didn’t shower…come on, there was no hot water!

-We went to our sweet neighbors son’s 1st birthday party!

And we enjoyed ‘roughing it’.  Although can you really call it roughing it when you get to eat a Krispy Cream doughnut for breakfast, have clean running water out of the tap at any given moment, and a comfortable bed to sleep all night in?  I think not…

The Krispy Creams were one of the first things we bought when the Walgreens on the corner of our street got power …the essentials you know?

Many of you know we purchased a large portion of a grass fed cow last fall which we kept in a deep freezer that was given to us…which could not be kept cold…with no electricity…for four days.  BUT some incredibly generous friends helped Hubby load up our freezer on day 2 and bring it to another amazing friends house, where they hooked it up to their generator and preserved our meat for the entire time!  God has been so generous to us.

We have been back up and running with power since midnight Sunday evening.  We have a new appreciation for electricity and hot water.

Thank you for everyone’s concern and prayers.  We appreciate you!

Lots of pictures to share this week!


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