Easter Egg Hunting

Easter was very very laid back this year. We spent most of the day relaxing at home.

We had a little Easter Egg hunt at Hubby’s parents and Little Man had a blast.

There wasn’t much competition…so it was a leisurely hunt.

Doesn’t he really look like such a little MAN?

I could just eat him up.

I mean seriously…he is so cute…

(Gotta love the tennis shoes with the business attire!)

Showin’ them muscles!

I think it is very possible I may have the two most handsome men on earth living under the same roof as me.

And heres a fun little photo shoot with Daddy:

Yes.  Little Man is playing the congas on Hubby’s head.  Boys…

Hope you had a wonderful day, celebrating our risen Lord.  Praise Him!


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One response to “Easter Egg Hunting

  1. Annette

    I have to say I think that suit is the cuties thing I have ever seen on the cutest little boy. Simply adorable!!!!!

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