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Another Maternity Session :)

Another friend of mine here in Huntsvegas is expecting their first child here very soon. (Update: They had their beautiful baby girl and mom and baby are great 🙂  They also let me take some pictures of their soon to be family of three.  I took them to the same spot that I took my sister in law for pictures because I loved how they turned out.   Another  friend very generously and graciously lent me her super nice camera to use!  Its amazing how different pictures can look with a higher quality camera!

I really love how these turned out too!

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Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Yes…it is true. We are parents of a 3 year old…crazy!

We had so much fun celebrating with our little guy this year.

On his birthday I took him to get a special hair cut (Hubby and I usually cut it ourselves, but this local kids salon had a great deal I bought online a couple months back). The salon is ONLY for kids. Its really cool. The kids get to sit in their choice of an airplane, race car, jeep, or train while they get their hair cut. They also get to choose a DVD to watch on a personal little flat screen TV in front of them..(crazy right?) Also they wash and style their hair, put whatever color washable highlights in it at the end, give them a sucker, a balloon, and a animal sticker tattoo. What more could a kid ask for right? I think our Little Man had a blast:

This year we planned a very laid back BBQ at a local park for Little Mans party. Last year, you may remember that we ended up having to cancel his 2nd b-day party when he came down with a fever the morning of the party. So sad…mostly for me. He really had no idea. So we spent a lot of evening praying that God would mercifully give Isaac a healthy body to celebrate his birthday with his friends this year.    And what do you know, he was healthy as a horse this year for his par-tay! He had SO much fun. Take a look:

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Happy 3rd Birthday to my not-so-little baby boy!


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Where to begin: An update of Summer 2011

Still around, although not really slowing down.  Whew!  Busy last month.  Lots to update on and of course lots of pictures…is there any other reason you visit our family blog?  🙂

Pregnancy Update:

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, Monday.  I am still sick most of the day and night as I was with Little Man but much more ‘manageable nausea’ than the month before.  I am able to do most of what I would typically do in a week, like taking care of the house, laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing with Little Man, spending time with Hubby.  It just happens a lot slower and with much more dry heaving than normal…haha, is that too much information for you?  Well you’re here and this is our life right now…

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and the baby seems to be healthy and growing like a little weed.  We are over joyed.

The ultrasound technician gave Little Man his own little picture of the baby and can I tell you how preciously his eyes lit up?  He held it so tenderly, walking through the waiting room, showing everyone who would cast him a glance saying, “This is my baby!”  Oh, my heart breaks at this boys sweetness.  Love him.

Among the morning sickness, this last month has consisted of:

-a visit to visit Mama and Papa Woof at the farm

-my sweet cousins wedding and my first ever opportunity to shoot an entire wedding by myself (gulp)

-a wonderful visit from two of  our closest friends from Missouri

-the birth of my first ever nephew

-a visit to an incredible local farm that we get our farm fresh eggs from weekly

-and a neighborhood block party in our yard.

Not to mention that the next week consists of Hubby being in a wedding in TN, us throwing a baby shower for one of our sweet Huntsvegas friends, Little Man turning 3 !!!, and a BBQ party for our little guy…

I love power naps.  Thats all I have to say.  🙂

I look forward to sharing all our pictures over the next couple weeks.

Miss you all!

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Bulk Strawberries, Freezing and Jam making

This post is a little sad for me to write up…because during the Great Power Outage of 2011, all my frozen strawberries…thawed. And I may have wanted to cry a little. But didn’t.

None the less, this is a good thing for our family to do yearly, given that we do not have a massive almost week long power outage immediately following the completion of sed work 🙂

To freeze a bulk amount of strawberries, we picked a large amount of fresh ripe strawberries.

Make sure to complete the following steps within 24-48 hours after picking because fresh strawberries turn fast!

Wash all strawberries.

Or forget about child labor laws and have your toddler do it 🙂

Cut the tops off the strawberries and place on a lined freezer safe baking sheet.  I used a cookie sheet.

Place in freezer and freeze solid over night.  Remove from freezer and place individually frozen strawberries in freezer safe plastic bags.  Label and date bags.  The step of freezing on trays keeps them from freezing into one massive blob of strawberry-ness. Then you can pull out a few for a smoothie or a few cups for a dessert, etc.

Little Man also helped me make Freezer Jam.  I love this recipe because it doesn’t require that you cook the berries at all so you keep all their nutrients!  Yummy!

Also, don’t forget to make a few delicious desserts right away.  Those strawberries are begging to be enjoyed with sugar okay?

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