Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Yes…it is true. We are parents of a 3 year old…crazy!

We had so much fun celebrating with our little guy this year.

On his birthday I took him to get a special hair cut (Hubby and I usually cut it ourselves, but this local kids salon had a great deal I bought online a couple months back). The salon is ONLY for kids. Its really cool. The kids get to sit in their choice of an airplane, race car, jeep, or train while they get their hair cut. They also get to choose a DVD to watch on a personal little flat screen TV in front of them..(crazy right?) Also they wash and style their hair, put whatever color washable highlights in it at the end, give them a sucker, a balloon, and a animal sticker tattoo. What more could a kid ask for right? I think our Little Man had a blast:

This year we planned a very laid back BBQ at a local park for Little Mans party. Last year, you may remember that we ended up having to cancel his 2nd b-day party when he came down with a fever the morning of the party. So sad…mostly for me. He really had no idea. So we spent a lot of evening praying that God would mercifully give Isaac a healthy body to celebrate his birthday with his friends this year.    And what do you know, he was healthy as a horse this year for his par-tay! He had SO much fun. Take a look:

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Happy 3rd Birthday to my not-so-little baby boy!


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3 responses to “Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Bash

  1. Rebecca

    Awww, I love it! Sad I wasn’t there to celebrate with you guys 😦

  2. Laura

    oh Happy Birthday Big boy! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!!

  3. rmwest

    I can’t believe he is 3!! Ahh! It looks like you all had fun…and I like his green highlights 🙂 Miss you!

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