July and August

So…yeah. The last few months have been pretty quiet around here. All day morning sickness for four months will do that to me I guess 🙂  I thought I would catch you up on our lives via a bullet pointed list with pictures…sound good?
*Today I am officially 23 weeks along!

*The last week and a half was spent in Missouri visiting with my family.  I took Little Man with me and Hubby stayed home to work. I got to visit with my sis and bro the whole time…which was sa-weeet!

*The first few days in Missouri were spent on my grandparents “farm”.  Little Man had a blast going fishing with his papa!

*After long days at work hubby came home and did this:

The master bath tile my friends!  All the tile is down on the ground.  The walls are painted.  The trim and crown molding is up.  The light fixtures are up as well as the faux wainscoting on the tub panel.  We are OH SO CLOSE my friends… See?

*During our MO trip we surprised my sweet sweet friend at her daughters 1st b-day party.  Its a secret hobby of mine…surprising people.  I got to take her 1-year pictures.  She is precious!

*We went to the zoo, the science center, had lots of meals together with family, swam, and pretty much had a blast. I was exhausted 🙂  So I took a day to do nothing before making the 8 hour drive home.

We got back last Friday and I feel like I have been going non-stop since I got home.  I have a list of to-dos that has grown to about a mile long over the last 4 months and now that I am beginning to feel better, I am checking those things off right and left!

Hope you all are doing well 🙂



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2 responses to “July and August

  1. Laura

    glad you had a good trip to MO! You are looking so cute! And yall’s bathroom is looking amazing!! Good job! Miss you!!

  2. Love all the pictures! The bathroom looks really awesome!

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