Little Man’s Big Boy Room- In transition…

Oh this room…why oh why does it have to have a horrible painted border…why oh why oh why.  Borders are my nemesis, of both painted and paper variations.  All because of that silly thing, eventually this whole room will have to be primed and painted along with both closet doors and all the trim.  But seeing as I am not up to that right now, I will pretend like it is not there.

Little Man started sleeping in a real big boy twin bed shortly after he began sleeping in his toddler bed.

Its the furniture from the guest bedroom that I painted remember?

A while back I made these curtains out of a brown flat sheet I bought from the good will and some cream colored linen remnant I found in the chest of fabric my parents bought me for a $1.00.  It came with two matching pillow shams…score!  One less sewing project for me 🙂

I really like the way they turned out.  The tabs and the texture at the bottom really make the curtain I think.  I just sewed straight lines across the bottom piece every couple inches to get the look.

The bed spread is actually my super old (and super PINK) comforter from when I was young and even from my college years!

(I can’t quite figure out how to make the bed well with that bed rail there…tricky)

I made a duvet cover for it by sewing together a white and a striped twin sheet and putting buttons and button holes along one end, kind of like a giant pillow case that buttons closed.

The brown in the duvet matches the curtains so perfectly, you’d think they were made for each other!

The rest of the room is a compilation of furniture from other rooms, while our upstairs in in transition.  His little toddler bed sits lonelyly in the corner and is used now only as a trampoline 🙂

Right now this is my favorite thing in his big boy room:

Remember our impromptu trip to the beach? Remember how I forgot my camera and instead of mourning, I improvised with my phone…and the pictures turned out terrible:

But again I chose not to cry and instead convinced my incredibly talented mother-in-law to paint a picture of it??  The framed jewel above is the fruit of that.  I have to say I am giddy about it.

The plan is to do a somewhat nautical theme in here.  I have plans my dears…BIG plans.  But that will have to wait until another time.  This house has too many projects going on right now 🙂

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One response to “Little Man’s Big Boy Room- In transition…

  1. Laura

    looks great! Great job on the curtains! You are great at coming up with things! And that picture is amazing!! Miss you!!

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