School for Little Man…kinda

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So…now that I am feeling like a normal human being, I am feeling overly ambitious in my daily to-do list.

In the early spring I started the task of teaching little man his letters…then I got pregnant. And everything got put on hold for a very long time.

Lately, some of his older friends have returned to school for the year and it has peaked his curiosity!

So NOW we are resuming sed teaching and actually starting over at the beginning. So I thought it would be fun to share what we are doing on here.  I love hearing what other moms with kiddos this age are doing with their children to expand their ever curious little minds.  And I can’t think of a better place to record what we actually did so in 20 years when my kids ask me what I did when they were little to teach them their letters I’ll be like, “Go look at the blog, I dunno!”  🙂

Every week or so (depending on Little Man’s interest and ability to catch on, our busy-ness, etc.) I plan on doing a different letter.

With each letter I think we will do a Letter Rhyme/Saying, Writing Lesson, Special Letter Project, A Corresponding Bible Verse and Coloring Page. I was thinking I could post our resources on here so if anyone else with little ones Little Man’s age wanted to use them they could.

Super simple, one thing a day, 10-15 min. a day, my kinda school 🙂

Keep an eye out for these posts if you are interested.  And mom friends with kiddos Little Man’s age, please share any ideas you have!

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