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A is for Apple

So… for our first week we started with A!

Day 1: We used Little Man’s easel to draw a Upper Case ‘A’ and a Lower Case ‘a’. We talked about what the letter A says. (short sounds first…long sounds later…much later 🙂 Then I let him trace some dotted lined A’s that I drew. Last we talked about two examples of words that begin with the letter A, apple and Adam. I had him circle the A’s in each word and we drew a picture of each word (be jealous of my art skills) and he colored them in. We also came up with a little saying to help us remember what a says:
“‘A’ says a (short a sound) like Apple and Adam.”
Then we prayed and thanked God for helping Little Man to learn the letter A.

Day 2: We went back to the paper we had worked on at the easel before and reviewed everything we had learned and said the “A Saying”. I had him point to the word apple, and point at the ‘a’, and name whether it was upper case or lower case. Then I explained that we were going to make something special to help us remember the letter A. We made an apple pie together from scratch and he honestly helped with every step. (A big accomplishment…for me 🙂

It was delicious! Recipe to come…

Day 3: I used the other side of the easel to let Little Man practice drawing Upper Case ‘A’s. He could trace well however doing them by himself is still a little tricky, which is fine with me. I printed off this sheet and let him fill up the two lines of Upper Case A’s. He loved this. I helped him almost the whole time upon his prompting. I am striving to make this a sweet special time for him. I want him to enjoy learning so right now I am okay with walking him through stuff if thats what he wants. Last we prayed together and thanked God for the fun we got to have together learning.

Day 4: We worked on Lower Case ‘a’ at the chalk board and on the practice sheet and came up with a way to remember the terms Upper Case and Lower Case:
Upper Case= Hands pointing up because Upper Case letters are BIG

Lower Case= Squatting down making small jester because Lower Case letter are small

Prayed and asked God to continue opening Little Mans mind to be able to remember the letter A so that one day he would be able to read God’s Word.

Day 5: We put letter A’s on the play room wall and posted verse to go with A. Ideally I will start the verse at the beginning of the week so we can be reviewing it every day. We repeated it to each other several times. We reviewed the A Saying and colored an ‘A is for Apple’ sheet found here:
Then we prayed and thanked God for continuing to grow Little Man’s mind to learn so much.

Thats it! Honestly, I spent maybe 10 min. google searching the sheets I wanted to use and the rest of the time was just a 10-15 min. a day interacting in the morning before we got ready for the day. It has been a sweet time for us together.

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Homemade ‘Comet’ Powdered Cleaning Product

I have wanted to make this forever and finally did this afternoon. I wish I had done it much sooner, because it literally took me 5 minutes from start to finish, clean up and all.

This is more about the fact that making a 16 oz. bottle of this cost me, maybe 50 cents, than it is ‘green’ cleaning. Although I am always for anything easy we can do to be good stewards of our planet…I like my bathrooms clean, and I do mean CLEAN, mmmk?

But so far I have been very pleased with this stuff! And it smells so good.

2 cups baking soda
1/2 cup Borax powder
Drops of essential oil (completely optional, but gives great fragrance)
Large mixing bowl
A clean, empty plastic powdered parmesan cheese container

Dump the powders into a large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly with hands. Sprinkle in several drops of whatever essential oils you enjoy or have on hand. I used about 5-10 drops each of lavender, lemon grass, and tea tree oil. (Tea tree oil also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which aids in the cleaning powder of the product) Mix with hands again thoroughly, breaking up any clumps. Spoon into clean parmesan cheese container. Use it to clean like you would ‘Comet’ cleaner. Thats it!


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