A Tree House for the kiddos AKA Hubby’s Dream Come True

As many of you know, Little Man is not characterized as being a boy that plays with toys. He would rather be in the kitchen helping Mommy make bread or helping Daddy in the shop than play with any toy any time of any day of his little life.

BUT there is one thing he does love. Parks and play sets, or “Park Slides” as he calls them. So for his birthday, we asked friends and family who wanted to give a gift to instead drop a few dollars towards his backyard swing set fund. One family even gave us a amazing yellow slide they had that someone had given them that they were not going to use. So all we needed was for Hubby to have a free weekend 🙂

See, we have this incredible old tree in our tiny back yard. When we first looked at the house, it was the first thing we noticed about the back yard. I believe my husband, in all his adult glory, said, “That would make an amazing tree house…!”

And so the dream began… and today, this is what you will see in our backyard:

The bottom tier of the tree house was fully funded by Little Man’s B-day and a generous and eager-to-help-build-a-tree-house-Papa-Robinson 🙂  It is complete.  The top tier is a just a frame right now…which I am thankful for…because its a little too high for my comfort.  In a year or two I think I will feel better about it…wait, then I will have a 1 or 2 year old too…Does the mother worry ever end?

Little Man LOVES his tree house.  Hubby may love it more.  The day after the bottom was complete, he spent the morning before work reading books to Little Man…in the tree house.  He spent his down time at work dreaming up ‘additions’ to the tree house such as water canon’s that involve a lot of engineering, zip lines, and the like.  And he spent the afternoon and evening playing in the tree house, yes WITH Little Man, using binoculars to spy out animals in the surrounding foliage.

I  love my little family.

Just call us the Swiss Family Robinson 🙂


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2 responses to “A Tree House for the kiddos AKA Hubby’s Dream Come True

  1. Love it! Hubby did a great job and I’m sure he is as excited as Little Man about it, if not more sounds like! lol

  2. rmwest

    so much fun!!

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