Random Pregnancy Facts

I was always curious if my pregnancies would be the same or different with each child. Now knowing this one is a boy has made it really interesting to compare them. Here are some random facts about being pregnant with baby boy no. 2:

(Mostly for my own record, feel free to read along with my randomness though)

*I did not necessarily ‘feel’ pregnant when I found out I was pregnant.

*I had all day long morning sickness from 6 weeks until around 20 weeks.

*At 12 weeks I was sick all day but able to slowly function and do what I needed to do to take care of the Little Man, Hubby and the house.

*At 20 weeks I only felt sick on average twice a day for an hour or so usually late morning around 10am and mid afternoon around 2pm.

*At 24 weeks, I feel normal most of the time with only rare occurrences of sickness 🙂  Hooray!

*I CRAVED savory, pickled, and SPICY food really strongly until around 18 weeks.

*My favorites were Thai style chicken curry with lots of crushed red pepper, pickled jalapenos and banana peppers on everything, and deli style turkey sandwiches with lots of spicey mustard.

*Sweet things made me sick most of the time, except for chocolate sometimes.

* At 24 weeks I felt like I could eat sweets all day long…I didn’t though.  🙂

*I began feeling the baby kick at 16 weeks

*I didn’t start looking pregnant until around 20 weeks! (According to everyone other than myself and Hubby)

*Now at 28 weeks, I am starting to slow down a bit again.  I get tired much easier.  Baby Boy #2 is moving a LOT now and my belly often looks like a scene from the movie Alien.  By 9pm I am ready for bed and I could easily sleep past 7am if Little Man would cooperate 🙂

Thats all for now.  For kicks and giggles, lets look at a comparison:

Me at 28 weeks with Little Man-

Can I just tell you that I still have that shirt and there is no way on God’s green earth that my belly today is fitting in that thing?  I guess it is true that you show more with the more kiddos you have.  At this point I have still gained less than I did with Little Man at this point, but the belly is oh-so-much bigger.

Today at 30 weeks:


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  1. Laura

    yah!! i love seeing your sweet belly! you look great! when talking with you I almost forget you are pregnant, but the pictures have confirmed 🙂 love you!

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