We got “Booed!”

This last week we received a fun surprise on our front porch. Around 7:30pm, a little guy in a cape knocked on our front door, left a trick-or-treat pumpkin filled with goodies on our door mat, and ran off. (We still haven’t figured out who it was! Was it YOU?!?)

Hubby saw the little guy run away. Little Man was SO excited to go through this surprise package, which consisted of a coffee mug, packets of apple cider mix, candy, a funny pair of disguise glasses for kiddos, a Halloween candle, and more! Quite the gift, huh?

The idea is that when you get ‘Booed’, you make copies of the sheet that came with it and pass it on to two other people within 24 hours. So the next day, Little Man and I headed to the store to buy some goodies of our own to put together two of our own Halloween baskets of goodies.  He had a blast picking out things to give to our friends.  That night we headed out fully disguised, to deliver our own Boo’s.  I’m pretty sure no one recognized the delivery man:

It was just too much fun watching my son learn how to sneak around…(something about that statement seems very wrong).  Don’t worry.  We gave him context, about how it was to be a surprise and all.  He was still a bit confused I think, but SO excited nonetheless.

This is such a fun way to interact with your neighbors, even if they don’t have children.  You could bake a yummy dessert and leave it as a Boo for a family with older children or a home without children.  The possibilities are endless really.

Want to Boo someone you know?  Visit this site to print off the sheets to leave with your gifts and get creative:


Have fun!  And then come back and share your creativity if you decide to do this yourself!


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