Baby Shower and 33 weeks

Goodness I am one blessed lady with some sweet, incredible, generous friends. The ladies at Sojourn, our Church here, threw me a cloth diaper shower this last weekend. It was, an absolute blast. We laughed a lot, ate a lot of yummy food, and had a good ole’ time 🙂

Yes I did say CLOTH diaper shower…we are going to embark on this adventure with Baby Boy # 2.  We decided that we would try this after I potty trained Little Man and figured out that we had spent over $2,000.00 in diapers by the time he was 2 and 1/2.  Call me crazy but thats a whole lot of money to literally poop in and throw in the trash.  So cloth it is!

Note my excitement about the possibilities of frugality in my hand!

(Its weird putting a picture of yourself on your own blog…I don’t like it.)

No worries, though; to keep stress down, we are still going to use disposables for the first month or two.  I’m not THAT crazy!

For those who are interested in cloth diapering their own kiddos or are curious, I am planning on using the Flip System with the organic inserts (because sensitive skin runs in our family and the ‘stay-dry’ inserts sometimes tend to irritate babies skin) and a few Pocket Bum Genius’ and Fuzzi Bunz for the convenience of  having pre-stuffed cloth diapers when away from home (at the store, friends house, etc.)

Oh and, as of Monday, I am 33 weeks along.  Getting close!  Beginning to think about getting all the baby furniture out of the attic and setting things up.  Oh I should have already done that, you say??  Well, I haven’t.  We are busy around these parts, finishing up the bathroom and close…oh so very close.

Baby boy is taking up more space.  Little Man is the most precious Big Brother ever already.  He talks to and about the baby all day long, sporadically stopping me to hug my belly and exclaim in his version of a baby voice, “I Looooove you baby brother!  You’re so sweet!”

For today, that is all 🙂


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