Little Man the Male Model

Am I the only mom of boys that enjoys pulling out the new season of clothes and seeing what cute outfits I can put together for my little guy?

Recently, I did just that. And I happened to mention to Little Man that I needed some pictures of him in his cool Fall outfit. He promptly (and surprisingly to me) got very excited about this. So we headed out to find a fun spot to shoot and below is a collage of some of the pictures taken. Please so enjoy…we sure did!

Can I just make sure you realize that every single one of these photos (granted minus the one of him sitting because boys never do that by choice) were solely inspired by Little Man himself.  There are about 40 that I ended up keeping from our time because they are just so stinking hilarious.  A different face and pose for every one.  Hubby and I got a good laugh looking at them all.  Our son…he is a character.  And we sure do love him to pieces!

P.S.  Isn’t he so big??


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2 responses to “Little Man the Male Model

  1. rmwest

    BAHAHAHAHA oh I love these so so much…the one in the top middle is my fave, that face is priceless!

  2. lacytatum

    Anna LOVED these pictures! Her favorite was the sweet one of Isaac hugging his knees. My personal favorite is the crouching roar at the bottom corner!

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