My new camera

Did I post about this already?  I think I meant to but never did…

I bought my dream camera.  I did.  I saved for…many years.  Literally.  And I bought it; my first digital SLR  Have you noticed a difference in the pictures on here?  I have even started doing a bit of photography in my ‘free’ time.  I am so very much enjoying it!  It has been a great new artistic outlet for me!  And I have been given some super fun and unique opportunities to serve friends, family and ministries that we love with it!

Recently I have been intrigued by extended exposure.  So of course, who better could I get to help me than my most enthusiastic photography helper; Little Man.

How cool is that?  We got some really cool ones of us writing out our names, but since we do not put names on here…I can not show you.  Sorry.

The one above I took at an exposure speed of 2.0 seconds.  Little Man is spinning a glow stick around on a string.  Pretty cool huh?

Just thought I would share.



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2 responses to “My new camera

  1. Laura

    awesome! now i just wished you lived closer! I need some fun fam christmas pics!!

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