Master Bedroom and Bathroom…COMPLETE!

I can hardly believe I am typing those words, but my friends…it is true. Okay…nearly true. For the bathroom we still need to purchase a shower door and install it. However that is being put on hold for a bit while we replenish our budget 🙂 For now, a shower curtain and a curtain rod should do just the trick! Wanna see pictures?

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Just in time for Baby Boys arrival, since the goal was to have it done by the time he was born.  AND I am 36 weeks this week.  Only another month-ish until his predicted arrival time.  Oh I can hardly wait.  The baby room is also coming along.  I will show you that next!


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3 responses to “Master Bedroom and Bathroom…COMPLETE!

  1. rmwest

    that is AMAZING!

  2. Laura

    Wow looks Amazing!!! Man I wish we lived closer so I could hit up your tub:). Way to go to your hubby!

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