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How to make Haciendas Salsa

There is a Mexican restaurant where I grew up in St. Louis called Haciendas. It has the most incredible food and all you can eat in-house-made chips and salsa. Their salsa is to die for. Seriously, it is addictive and unlike any other salsa I have ever had. I finally sought out to replicate the recipe in my own kitchen and boy did we have success. Here’s the recipe:

Haciendas Salsa

1- 29oz. can tomato sauce
2 cloves garlic roughly chopped
1/2 cup pickled jalapeno juice (the juice from the jar of jalapenos)
2 tsp. ground cumin
2 tsp. salt

A couple shakes of dried oregano

Blend all above ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Then add 6 Tbsp. sliced pickled jalapenos and pulse the blender until the jalapenos are roughly chopped. You don’t want to blend them in.

Sometimes I blend in one bunch of cilantro leaves (remove the stems).  I personally like the flavor of the salsa with this but it does make it different than traditional Haciendas.

Chill for 24 hours for optimal flavor…or just eat right away because its so stinkin’ delicious.

We eat this on everything from scrambled eggs to chips and burritos, taco salad, ice cream…just kidding about that last one 🙂


Why are you still sitting here listening to me ramble on…go make some already!


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Here are a few videos.  One of  Baby Boy being a smiley pant’s and another of Little Man getting him to smile. I seriously can not get enough of these two together. They are PRECIOUS!  There is also a bonus video of Little Man and his Christmas gift from us, his first guitar.  He is hilarious with this thing when he’s not being shy.  He makes up songs about getting older and getting married, as well as about his baby brother being cute, and seriously a slew of other hilarious things.   Oh my boys…

P.S.  Baby Boy turned 2 months old this weekend!

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A story with forewarning…

Okay, so I know that so many of my friends are interested in Baby Boy’s birth story.

Its a sort of reality-TV-for-the-child-bearing-years. Almost every mom gets a kick out of hearing all the details of others stories. I am no exception.

So I thought I would share Baby Boy’s story. However in order to protect the eyes of any men who read this blog to keep up with our family I have decided to do it in a different way than in a post.

See, I know that many men are thoroughly creeped out by words such as cervix, placenta, contraction, and the like. This is due to the great mystery that IS labor and delivery and all that goes on in a womans body to bring forth a baby.  I know most men, if you are not a husband or dad, do not realize that there is nothing awkward about these words, however in order to protect you I will not post them here.

If you are NOT creeped out by these words, and desire to hear our story, feel free to click here to read it in a google document.

Unmarried guys, consider yourself forewarned. 🙂


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Baby Things I Love this Time Around

With Little Man there were a few things that we couldn’t live without…our baby swing was one of them. It was the only way I could get him to sleep longer than 45 min. for a long time.

This time around there are very different things that I have found myself so incredibly thankful for their invention. For any Mommy friends out there or soon to be Mommy’s, I thought I would share:

1) Bassinet: A friend of mine lent me this sleeping apparatus after Baby Boy spent the first 2 weeks sleeping in his car seat.  He seemed to prefer to be at an incline instead of flat on his back or sitting directly up in the swing.  In fact he couldn’t care less about his baby swing, really.  This thing has been SO great.  Its light so it is easy to bring up and down stairs and from room to room, which we do all day long.  Baby Boy sleeps great in it!  I think its because it kind of cups him, making him feel like he’s being held.

2) Video Monitor: We now have the Motorola 2.8 inch Digital Baby Monitor and it is SO wonderful! We first bought this one and it was horrible, cheaply made, and broke within 2 weeks.  For someone as frugal as me, you can imagine this was incredibly frustrating. We returned it and did more research and decided on the Motorola one and couldn’t be happier.

With Little Man, I always found myself wishing I had a video monitor.  I would want to check on him while he was sleeping in his crib, but didn’t want to open the door and either wake him, or let him see me.  So we decided with our second to make the investment.  We even bought an extra camera so Little Man has one in his room too.  The monitor has a talk back feature on it so when I see Little Man NOT going to sleep, pulling the window curtain over his head, picking his nose, etc…I can talk to him with the monitor base and tell him to stop.  Ha!  The first time it really flipped him out even though we had talked about how I would be able to talk to him from downstairs.  Hubby and I got a very good laugh out of Little Man’s reaction.

(If you have a baby and have swaddled before, this cartoon should be hilarious to you.)

3) Super Amazing Swaddling Technique: LIFE CHANGING ladies…this is life changing…click on the link and watch the video! I know every baby thinks they don’t like to be swaddled, but unfortunately, they don’t know what is best for them 🙂 (And best for mom, because with this way of swaddling, they literally can not bust their little flailing arms out and they sleep SOOO much better.) Baby boy immediately calms and falls to sleep when wrapped up this way.

We do it just a little different.  I cut a flannel swaddling blanket into 3 large triangles and use them for the “bat wings’ part, laying the triangle inside another swaddling blanket ready to be wrapped around him.  If I use a whole blanket folded in half as a triangle and then another to wrap around him he gets too warm.  I use the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets to wrap around the outside and they are perfect!

Those are our top baby things right now.  Do you have a few favorites of your own?  Id love to hear.


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