A story with forewarning…

Okay, so I know that so many of my friends are interested in Baby Boy’s birth story.

Its a sort of reality-TV-for-the-child-bearing-years. Almost every mom gets a kick out of hearing all the details of others stories. I am no exception.

So I thought I would share Baby Boy’s story. However in order to protect the eyes of any men who read this blog to keep up with our family I have decided to do it in a different way than in a post.

See, I know that many men are thoroughly creeped out by words such as cervix, placenta, contraction, and the like. This is due to the great mystery that IS labor and delivery and all that goes on in a womans body to bring forth a baby.  I know most men, if you are not a husband or dad, do not realize that there is nothing awkward about these words, however in order to protect you I will not post them here.

If you are NOT creeped out by these words, and desire to hear our story, feel free to click here to read it in a google document.

Unmarried guys, consider yourself forewarned. 🙂


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3 responses to “A story with forewarning…

  1. K ogle

    I cried through this whole thing! Thanks for sharing and congrats little mama!!!!

  2. I link to your blog through Laura and Lacy’s from time to time and you also left me a helpful comment about Hannah’s vaseline hair incident a while back 🙂 I read your birth story and felt a little invasive since I don’t really know you, but I wanted you to know I read it and was just amazed how God intervened in your delivery, amazing! So encouraging…I love hearing birth stories, so I couldn’t resist. Thanks for sharing, you have a beautiful family!

  3. Laura

    Enjoyed reading it even if I heard it over the phone. You make me laugh sometimes with your writing style :). Praising God for your baby boy!

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