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Februrary 2012

Things around the Robinson home have been going well! This season is most definitely a season of busyness at home. As social as I typically am, I have really enjoyed the simplicity of being home most days and taking time to enjoy my boys. Baby boy was 12 weeks old last Sunday! He is a chatter box, cooing all the time and smiling up a stinkin’ storm. I know I keep saying it, but I just can not get enough of him!

Little Man is just so hilarious these days. I am loving this age. He is such a little person. He says the funniest things literally everyday. He talks about getting older quite often. Getting married is one of his favorite topics of conversation.

One of my favorite most recent comments of his was to Hubby and I one morning that went as followed:

Little Man: “Mommy…when I get older…like Daddy…I am going to get an air compressor… and I’ll be able to use that red box in the shop that will hurt me…[Hubby’s welder]…and I’m going to loose my hair…just like Daddy!!”

Hubby and laughed for a good long time about that, to the point of tears. The kids gotta dream about something, right? Why should it not be about being just like his dad, receding hair line and all!? 🙂

Here are a couple recent videos of the boys:

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