March Update

We are in a season of life where every day is full and every week feels so busy however we can never put our finger on what exact we have accomplished other than keeping the kids alive and the house intact….which is no small feat mind you!

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to this last month:

(A picture of Little Man and Hubby…in a tea cup…on a carousal…on our family date night.  I love my husband:) He is an amazing Daddy.)

Hubby has been working on a car that was given to him in hopes that he can get it running and use it to go back and forth to work instead of his large gas guzzling truck.

I am dreaming about painting the kitchen in order to rid our home of the Big Bird Yellow. I think this will be a summer project.  I have been enjoying doing a bit of ‘schooling’ with Little Man a few days a week.  He enjoys doing this as well and it helps for him to have structure to his day and options for him to choose when he would prefer to follow me around the house while I need to do ‘Mommy Work’ 😉 I am working on helping to plan our 2nd annual neighborhood block party and I am beginning to venture back into photography now that our life is settling in as a family of four.

Little Man is getting so big and soooo funny. Our conversations are so very grown up and consist mostly of him asking us deep questions such as, “Mom, why doesn’t Jesus talk back to us?”, and making astute observations using vocabulary out of his age range, i.e. “That was so ridiculous that our friend a had a dog AND a cat in his house! [Mommy: Oh yeah Buddy? Why’s that?] It’s just interesting!”

Baby Boy is, how do you say…adorable.  We are all thoroughly enjoying him.  Little Man is the king of getting him to laugh and he is better at it than either Hubby or I.  I have yet to capture that on video.  He is trying to roll over, is full of smiles for anyone who will take one and seems to have a pretty content disposition.  He has adopted the hobby of chewing on anything that comes remotely close to his mouth and I think he may in deed be teething.

(The above picture is a common scene in our home these days!)

Love our boys 🙂

Hope you are doing well!


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  1. rmwest

    Oh I miss you guys so so much! I love the pics!

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