Breaking News: Baby Boy Rolled Over!

So baby boy has been grunting his way to a half way arm tucked roll over the last few days without any successfully completed rolls.

Today I laid Baby Boy in his crib so I could get Little Man down for his nap and as I walked away I glanced back just in time to catch a glimpse of Baby Boy’s first successful roll over. Although his arm was squashed underneath him and he ended up tipping himself back onto his back before I could reach him to assist, it was for sure a completed roll 🙂

I left the room to get Little Man down for his nap and returned to find Baby Boy playing happily on his belly. I got my camera, positioned it in his crib, laid him on his back and stepped away to see if I could capture roll # 3 on video.

I succeeded 🙂

I tried to step out of the way of the camera so as to not catch my comfy-clothed self on video and this I did not succeed at.  Although when I am 60, looking back on my kids as babies I am sure I will be thankful I caught this little moment of every day mundane for me 🙂


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