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Costume Party for a Preschooler

So our Little Man just turned 4. Can you believe it?

He went back and forth for a week trying to decide a theme for a little birthday party: Superheros? Cowboys? Pirates? So I threw out the idea of having a costume party in which he could ‘be’ whatever he wanted to be on the day of the party. And so it began…

I like to keep things simple. So we had it in our back yard.

We thought it would be fun to have costume pieces displayed for adults and kids to try on. We bought about 10 items at the local party supply store as well as the dollar store. These also served as the party favors, as the kids got to choose something to bring home when they left.

I had picked up a empty pallet to use for a future craft project and we used that to display all the costume pieces.

We asked that kids and adults alike feel free to come in any sort of costume they like. The results were so much fun!

And who can resist putting a mustache on a baby, I mean come on.

We had Little Man’s favorite Pumpkin Muffins with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing topped with compass rings (picked up at the dollar store) and a big fruit salad as snacks (the party was at 10:00am).

We played one game. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but it was really fun and the kids loved it! We called it Pin the Costume on the Kiddo (except we used his real name which we don’t do here on the blog.) I took a picture of him and had an engineer print made at Staples for $5.00. We spent one morning printing off big accessories and costume pieces and coloring them. Then at the party the kids took turns being blind folded and guessing where different pieces went, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Little Man had so much fun that at the end of the day he asked, “So Mom, when is my next birthday?”

This year was really fun because he was able to make all the choices and get really excited about his party.  We even wrote thank you cards together, which he scripted and I wrote out for him, and he signed his name himself at the bottom.  He is getting so BIG!

Happy 4th Birthday to my big Little Man 🙂

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Baby Boy’s 1st Word!

Too bad he doesn’t know what it means.

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Another addition to the Robinson Home Sweet Home…

Yes its true, there is a new addition to our home…in the form of a sweet friend from Tennessee!

What?  Did you think I was talking about a baby??  We are still wonderfully busy enjoying this little baby boy:

A friend of ours from our time in TN recently got a job here in Huntsville and we couldn’t be more happy about him joining us in this city and our home!

Praising God for His generosity to our family!


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