November Update and Baby Boy Turns 1

November was so full of fun!  I feel like I can hardly communicate it! 🙂

Here is some of our family fun we had this month:

-Hubby participated in something called a Krispy Kreme Run with the two other guys in our house.  They are to run two miles to the local Krispy Kreme shop, eat a dozen donuts and run two miles back… I still do not understand the appeal of this but they did it nonetheless.

Krispy Kream Run

-We celebrated and hosted Thanksgiving in Huntsvegas with our “House Family” (what we are calling the group of us that are living under our one roof these days) and Hubbys’ family, and an Scottish friend.  Yes.  17 people total.  Want to know how we fit everyone at one big table in our home?  See picture below:


-The House Family guys finished fixing up a car that we all bought for some good friends of ours and we got the pleasure of surprising our friends with it, complete with a big red bow on top! Such a joy!

-We had our annual post-Thanksgiving Christmas decorating) complete with awkward family photo and baby winter hat photo.  What Christmas decorating is complete without it??

Christmas Decorating

-Had some family photos taken by a neighborhood friend who is starting a new photography business! Such a blessing. (New header above…see?)

Favs Favs1

-And Baby Boy turned 1 year old!

Joshuas 1st bday2Joshuas 1st bday


Whew!  Just writing all that out gives me a thankful heart towards God who is a good Dad who gives us so much more than we could ever need. Praise Him for His ultimate generosity to us in Jesus and His over generous heart to good things to His children

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