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March Update

2013-3 (Mar)1

It has been quiet around the Robinson Home Sweet Home Blog, but the real life Robinson Home Sweet Home is just now coming out of a B-U-S-Y season.  Want an update in bullet point form?  Oh good, here you go 🙂

– Our friends who were sharing our home with us (remember that here?) bought a home and moved into sed new home last month.  Where might this new home be, you ask?  Oh you know, just around the corner from us!  So for those of you that prayed for this, thank you!  God generously answered your prayers and we now call our best friends in Huntsville our neighbors also!

-Our house has quieted down for sure these recent days.  We are settling into a new routine as a family. Our other friend who has lived with us almost a year (more on that here) continues to live with us and he is a blessing to our family!  We are so thankful for his addition to our home!

-Little Man is 4.5 so we have begun doing a bit of preschool a few days a week as he asks to (He loves ‘school’!).  He has been enjoying playing with Legos, ‘reading’ books, and coloring some very elaborate pictures.  I am personally enjoying this boy stage with him.  🙂


-Baby Boy is now about 16 months old.  He is toddling around and climbing on everything and wants to spend his entire day outside.  He is getting such a personality and cracking Hubby and I up all the time.  It looks like we have another socialite extrovert on our hands.


-Eric has been working on our back yard.  You might remember the grass-less mud trap from when we first moved in?  Well, he finished the tree house and laid sod over the mud so we actually have a useful, fun backyard now.  We kind of have a play ground of sorts.  There is something to be said for striving to have the coolest backyard in the neighborhood if you goal is to get to know your neighbors.  Because all the kids want to come here to play outside!  🙂


-I have been doing some photography for local friends and enjoying it very much.  It has been a bit of an artistic outlet as well as a great opportunity to get to know new people.  I am finding that people usually want a photographer to capture pretty special moments in their lives so you can get to know someone really quickly.

We are eagerly looking forward to Spring!  Hope you all are doing well 🙂

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Noses holes…

What is it with my boys and their nostrils at this specific age?

Nostril Collage

And yes, that is the same bib…in the same high chair.


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March 18, 2013 · 11:04 am