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Spring Update

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Spring has sprung my friends.

As usual things  are busy around these parts.  But as my hubby put it the other day when I expressed this observation, “We are busy with the right kind of things though, right?”

As I mentioned in our last post, our sweet, sweet friends who we had the privilege of sharing our home with now live just a block away. It is both a dream come true for me and a joy to live in a neighborhood and love our neighborhood together with them!

Speaking of our neighborhood…we are just days away from our annual Neighborhood Wide Block Party. This is the 3rd year we have organized this event and this year we had more help, donations, and over all excitement about the event than every before.  I look forward to sharing photos from this years event with you all!  We just love our neighborhood!

Our friend who moved in with us last spring celebrated his one year anniversary of moving to Huntsville!  It is a so much fun having him live with us.  The kids love him and I think our home would feel very empty without him.


Little Man and I have been ‘doing school’ together a few times a week.  We are using the Heart of Dakota Preschool curriculum and we really love it.  Little Man will be 5 in a few short weeks and our plan is to begin Kindergarten in the Fall at home, slowly and at his pace and see how things progress over the next year.

In other news:

-We went strawberry picking recently and the boys had a blast.


-I have been busy planning our neighborhood cookout and enjoying taking photos of our family and really just about anything I can get to sit still for a few seconds. (Much to Baby Boy’s dismay…)

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-Hubby and Little Man have been busy in a new stage of play that includes boy activities such as ‘hunting’ chipmunks in the back yard, making and shooting bow and arrows, wood working in order to produce a pirate ship wheel, and things like that…such a fun age.


-Baby boy hit a developmental growth spurt and all of a sudden is a toddler.  Still squish and round like a baby however climbing, running, playing and communicating like a toddler.  I just can not get enough of him at this stage.  He is precious.

IMG_5693Looking forward to the summer as we have several very special visitors planned 🙂  Yay!







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