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Master Bedroom and Bathroom…COMPLETE!

I can hardly believe I am typing those words, but my friends…it is true. Okay…nearly true. For the bathroom we still need to purchase a shower door and install it. However that is being put on hold for a bit while we replenish our budget 🙂 For now, a shower curtain and a curtain rod should do just the trick! Wanna see pictures?

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Just in time for Baby Boys arrival, since the goal was to have it done by the time he was born.  AND I am 36 weeks this week.  Only another month-ish until his predicted arrival time.  Oh I can hardly wait.  The baby room is also coming along.  I will show you that next!


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My new camera

Did I post about this already?  I think I meant to but never did…

I bought my dream camera.  I did.  I saved for…many years.  Literally.  And I bought it; my first digital SLR  Have you noticed a difference in the pictures on here?  I have even started doing a bit of photography in my ‘free’ time.  I am so very much enjoying it!  It has been a great new artistic outlet for me!  And I have been given some super fun and unique opportunities to serve friends, family and ministries that we love with it!

Recently I have been intrigued by extended exposure.  So of course, who better could I get to help me than my most enthusiastic photography helper; Little Man.

How cool is that?  We got some really cool ones of us writing out our names, but since we do not put names on here…I can not show you.  Sorry.

The one above I took at an exposure speed of 2.0 seconds.  Little Man is spinning a glow stick around on a string.  Pretty cool huh?

Just thought I would share.


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Halloween 2011

Thought you all may want to see some pictorials from this years Halloween.  Little Man was a pirate.  It all started when he bought a plastic pirate hook from a yard sale about 2 months ago…I had a blast making his costume this year.  (The first time I have attempted such a feat!)  Take a look:

But come on…you know us.  We couldn’t stop there.  Hubby has been growing his beard out for…two months I think.  And he used Halloween as the perfect excuse to shave.  What came of this you ask?

And you KNOW I couldn’t be left out…nor could the baby in my belly, soooo:

It is true.  We were a family of pirates this year, with a baby buccaneer and all!

I got the idea to make the baby buccaneer shirt here.  (My very favorite crafty blog)

And does this picture of Hubby holding Little Man’s hook not crack you up and make your heart melt a little?

We walked around our street chatting with neighbors and collecting candy.  Then we went to meet up with some friends who live close to us and met some of their neighbors.  It was a lot of fun.  Little Man had a blast!

Now to rid ourselves of this excessive amount of sugary treats…


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We got “Booed!”

This last week we received a fun surprise on our front porch. Around 7:30pm, a little guy in a cape knocked on our front door, left a trick-or-treat pumpkin filled with goodies on our door mat, and ran off. (We still haven’t figured out who it was! Was it YOU?!?)

Hubby saw the little guy run away. Little Man was SO excited to go through this surprise package, which consisted of a coffee mug, packets of apple cider mix, candy, a funny pair of disguise glasses for kiddos, a Halloween candle, and more! Quite the gift, huh?

The idea is that when you get ‘Booed’, you make copies of the sheet that came with it and pass it on to two other people within 24 hours. So the next day, Little Man and I headed to the store to buy some goodies of our own to put together two of our own Halloween baskets of goodies.  He had a blast picking out things to give to our friends.  That night we headed out fully disguised, to deliver our own Boo’s.  I’m pretty sure no one recognized the delivery man:

It was just too much fun watching my son learn how to sneak around…(something about that statement seems very wrong).  Don’t worry.  We gave him context, about how it was to be a surprise and all.  He was still a bit confused I think, but SO excited nonetheless.

This is such a fun way to interact with your neighbors, even if they don’t have children.  You could bake a yummy dessert and leave it as a Boo for a family with older children or a home without children.  The possibilities are endless really.

Want to Boo someone you know?  Visit this site to print off the sheets to leave with your gifts and get creative:

Have fun!  And then come back and share your creativity if you decide to do this yourself!


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Hubby Robinson and the Chamber of Tortures…AKA Tiling the Shower

The last of the tile in the master bathroom is officially up. Can you believe it? The finish line is near! Tiling the shower was by far the hardest, most uncomfortable, and frustrating part of the bathroom construction thus far. Poor Hub’s…take a look at what contraption he rigged up to ensure the least amount of tile shattering (of which there was none! Hooray!):

He did such a great job!

If this job is complete this month, it will have taken him one year almost on the dot to create our master bath from scratch AND he will succeed in finishing it before Baby Boy arrives! Keep your fingers crossed people!


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A Tree House for the kiddos AKA Hubby’s Dream Come True

As many of you know, Little Man is not characterized as being a boy that plays with toys. He would rather be in the kitchen helping Mommy make bread or helping Daddy in the shop than play with any toy any time of any day of his little life.

BUT there is one thing he does love. Parks and play sets, or “Park Slides” as he calls them. So for his birthday, we asked friends and family who wanted to give a gift to instead drop a few dollars towards his backyard swing set fund. One family even gave us a amazing yellow slide they had that someone had given them that they were not going to use. So all we needed was for Hubby to have a free weekend 🙂

See, we have this incredible old tree in our tiny back yard. When we first looked at the house, it was the first thing we noticed about the back yard. I believe my husband, in all his adult glory, said, “That would make an amazing tree house…!”

And so the dream began… and today, this is what you will see in our backyard:

The bottom tier of the tree house was fully funded by Little Man’s B-day and a generous and eager-to-help-build-a-tree-house-Papa-Robinson 🙂  It is complete.  The top tier is a just a frame right now…which I am thankful for…because its a little too high for my comfort.  In a year or two I think I will feel better about it…wait, then I will have a 1 or 2 year old too…Does the mother worry ever end?

Little Man LOVES his tree house.  Hubby may love it more.  The day after the bottom was complete, he spent the morning before work reading books to Little Man…in the tree house.  He spent his down time at work dreaming up ‘additions’ to the tree house such as water canon’s that involve a lot of engineering, zip lines, and the like.  And he spent the afternoon and evening playing in the tree house, yes WITH Little Man, using binoculars to spy out animals in the surrounding foliage.

I  love my little family.

Just call us the Swiss Family Robinson 🙂


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A is for Apple

So… for our first week we started with A!

Day 1: We used Little Man’s easel to draw a Upper Case ‘A’ and a Lower Case ‘a’. We talked about what the letter A says. (short sounds first…long sounds later…much later 🙂 Then I let him trace some dotted lined A’s that I drew. Last we talked about two examples of words that begin with the letter A, apple and Adam. I had him circle the A’s in each word and we drew a picture of each word (be jealous of my art skills) and he colored them in. We also came up with a little saying to help us remember what a says:
“‘A’ says a (short a sound) like Apple and Adam.”
Then we prayed and thanked God for helping Little Man to learn the letter A.

Day 2: We went back to the paper we had worked on at the easel before and reviewed everything we had learned and said the “A Saying”. I had him point to the word apple, and point at the ‘a’, and name whether it was upper case or lower case. Then I explained that we were going to make something special to help us remember the letter A. We made an apple pie together from scratch and he honestly helped with every step. (A big accomplishment…for me 🙂

It was delicious! Recipe to come…

Day 3: I used the other side of the easel to let Little Man practice drawing Upper Case ‘A’s. He could trace well however doing them by himself is still a little tricky, which is fine with me. I printed off this sheet and let him fill up the two lines of Upper Case A’s. He loved this. I helped him almost the whole time upon his prompting. I am striving to make this a sweet special time for him. I want him to enjoy learning so right now I am okay with walking him through stuff if thats what he wants. Last we prayed together and thanked God for the fun we got to have together learning.

Day 4: We worked on Lower Case ‘a’ at the chalk board and on the practice sheet and came up with a way to remember the terms Upper Case and Lower Case:
Upper Case= Hands pointing up because Upper Case letters are BIG

Lower Case= Squatting down making small jester because Lower Case letter are small

Prayed and asked God to continue opening Little Mans mind to be able to remember the letter A so that one day he would be able to read God’s Word.

Day 5: We put letter A’s on the play room wall and posted verse to go with A. Ideally I will start the verse at the beginning of the week so we can be reviewing it every day. We repeated it to each other several times. We reviewed the A Saying and colored an ‘A is for Apple’ sheet found here:
Then we prayed and thanked God for continuing to grow Little Man’s mind to learn so much.

Thats it! Honestly, I spent maybe 10 min. google searching the sheets I wanted to use and the rest of the time was just a 10-15 min. a day interacting in the morning before we got ready for the day. It has been a sweet time for us together.

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