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Homemade ‘Comet’ Powdered Cleaning Product

I have wanted to make this forever and finally did this afternoon. I wish I had done it much sooner, because it literally took me 5 minutes from start to finish, clean up and all.

This is more about the fact that making a 16 oz. bottle of this cost me, maybe 50 cents, than it is ‘green’ cleaning. Although I am always for anything easy we can do to be good stewards of our planet…I like my bathrooms clean, and I do mean CLEAN, mmmk?

But so far I have been very pleased with this stuff! And it smells so good.

2 cups baking soda
1/2 cup Borax powder
Drops of essential oil (completely optional, but gives great fragrance)
Large mixing bowl
A clean, empty plastic powdered parmesan cheese container

Dump the powders into a large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly with hands. Sprinkle in several drops of whatever essential oils you enjoy or have on hand. I used about 5-10 drops each of lavender, lemon grass, and tea tree oil. (Tea tree oil also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which aids in the cleaning powder of the product) Mix with hands again thoroughly, breaking up any clumps. Spoon into clean parmesan cheese container. Use it to clean like you would ‘Comet’ cleaner. Thats it!


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Little Man’s Big Boy Room- In transition…

Oh this room…why oh why does it have to have a horrible painted border…why oh why oh why.  Borders are my nemesis, of both painted and paper variations.  All because of that silly thing, eventually this whole room will have to be primed and painted along with both closet doors and all the trim.  But seeing as I am not up to that right now, I will pretend like it is not there.

Little Man started sleeping in a real big boy twin bed shortly after he began sleeping in his toddler bed.

Its the furniture from the guest bedroom that I painted remember?

A while back I made these curtains out of a brown flat sheet I bought from the good will and some cream colored linen remnant I found in the chest of fabric my parents bought me for a $1.00.  It came with two matching pillow shams…score!  One less sewing project for me 🙂

I really like the way they turned out.  The tabs and the texture at the bottom really make the curtain I think.  I just sewed straight lines across the bottom piece every couple inches to get the look.

The bed spread is actually my super old (and super PINK) comforter from when I was young and even from my college years!

(I can’t quite figure out how to make the bed well with that bed rail there…tricky)

I made a duvet cover for it by sewing together a white and a striped twin sheet and putting buttons and button holes along one end, kind of like a giant pillow case that buttons closed.

The brown in the duvet matches the curtains so perfectly, you’d think they were made for each other!

The rest of the room is a compilation of furniture from other rooms, while our upstairs in in transition.  His little toddler bed sits lonelyly in the corner and is used now only as a trampoline 🙂

Right now this is my favorite thing in his big boy room:

Remember our impromptu trip to the beach? Remember how I forgot my camera and instead of mourning, I improvised with my phone…and the pictures turned out terrible:

But again I chose not to cry and instead convinced my incredibly talented mother-in-law to paint a picture of it??  The framed jewel above is the fruit of that.  I have to say I am giddy about it.

The plan is to do a somewhat nautical theme in here.  I have plans my dears…BIG plans.  But that will have to wait until another time.  This house has too many projects going on right now 🙂

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Easter Week 2011

This year Easter has been particularly fun with Little Man. He is able to absorb so much more this year. He’s also able to participate in fun activities that grow his understanding of Jesus and His sacrifice for us as well as fun activities that are just… well… fun!  Like dying Easter eggs 🙂

This year we Little Man and I took a morning early in the week to make Resurrection Eggs.

Check out how to make your own here.  Each egg has something in it that reminds us of a different moment during the very first ‘Easter week’  that starts with the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples and ends with the empty tomb.  We just used things from around the house.  We have gone through these at least once a day together.  He’s been so excited about them that anyone who steps foot in our house gets to see them and hear all about them.  Its sweet to see Him excited about it.

Today we dyed Easter eggs for the first time.

Below is a little slide show of some pictures of this event.  He had a blast!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Easter has been so much fun with our little guy getting so big!

What a fun little man I have 🙂


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Garden Experiment Spring 2011

Its Hubby and my dream to have a lush, fruitful garden, providing our family and others with ripe juicy organic fruits and veggies in abundance.

Unfortunately, the one thing this house of ours didn’t have on our negotiable list (things we were willing to do without upon searching for our first home) was a yard that was conducive to gardening.

Last summer we didn’t attempt much.  We were coming out of a fog of winter sickness and were just excited to be outside of the house!  This summer, our green thumbs were getting a little itchy, so we decided to do an experiement.

Hubby says a ‘competition’…but due to my aversion to anything competitive, I am calling it an experiment.

Anyways, heres the deal:

Hubby planted half of our tomato plants in our semi-shady back yard.

I planted half of our tomato plants in these large pots we had from our first summer in Tennessee. I plan on putting them in the front yard.

And Little Man…well…he just covered himself in dirt.

Whoever gets the most, highest quality produce, proves their hypothesis correct…or ‘wins’ if you’re the competitive type.  😉

I honestly hope hubby’s yard plants do better, because I do so YEARN to have a garden.  We shall see.

Happy Friday to you all 🙂

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My Kitchen Surprise

So one of my close friends here in Huntsville just had their kitchen redone and it is b-e-a-utiful!  We were all commenting how much the under the cabinet lights really brighten up the kitchen.

Of course I came home and began to dream of how I could recreate some of the same effects in our kitchen, that did not include painting the cabinets white…because Hubby would kill me.

I mentioned to Hubby the under cabinet lights and how cave-like our countertop is to work on.  Seriously, its like trying to chop veggies in a dark room.  (Okay thats a little dramatic, but it is for-really un-lit under there.)

I flippantly said, “That would be such a fun surprise to come home to one day…” and then thought nothing of it again.

Last Sunday I left the house around 1:30 to go to a baby shower and when I came home at 4:30, low and behold, look what I found:

Do you see it?  DO YOU?!  Glorious light illuminating my counter top!

Do you also see how I didn’t take the dirty dished out of the sink to take the picture?  Well the dishwasher was full of clean dishes…and I wasn’t going to take all the clean dishes out just to put the dirty ones in, just so I could take a picture of my counter top.  Just keeping it real, people.  🙂

My hubby is super sweet!  He did an incredible job putting in those lights so extremely fast, all so that he could surprise me with them.  I love him.

Now hear me, under the cabinet lights may seem completely un-post-worthy to you, but for those of you who have tried to work in a poorly lit area, you know the frustration that comes with it.  These lights are an incredible blessing to me.  The kitchen really is my work space!  And I am very thankful for my new gift 🙂

Now, with the Big Bird Yellow Walls highlighted with this new lighting…I may have to paint this kitchen.



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Baby Booties…calm down, not for us.

No we are not having another baby right now.

And no I am not talking about baby bottoms.

We have SO many sweet friends who are pregnant right now and I have been wanting to make something tiny and special for them.  I came across a pattern here and I absolutely can not stop making these little things!  See how cute they are??

I mean really, how sweet are they!  I want to keep every pair I make, but alas, there are no little feet in this house.

(Please take note of this fact, as I realize that my posting of tiny baby things could lead our friends and family on…I assure you, there are no little feet in this house 🙂

Hers another pair with a matching embellished burp cloth:

And another for a boy with a little bird embellishment:

And the cutest little pair of plaid baby shoes I may have ever seen.

This is my favorite thing I have been working on as of late.

Although I have been sewing a lot.  So you may be seeing a lot of sewing posts soon…who knows.  I make many more things than I get inspired to post on the blog.  Its much more fun to make things than it is to post about them!  🙂


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Its looking like a bathroom!

Some of you knew about Hubby and my original plan, upon buying our first home, to put a master bathroom into our very awkwardly large master bedroom.

Well, it has begun. And actually has been going for several months now. And its finally looking like a bathroom!

Take a look!

View from the door of bedroom.

Mirror frames Eric built to go over the double sink vanity… that he built.  He’s so handy!

The garden tub all framed in.

The corner shower all framed in.

And here’s where it all started:  the removal of the ceiling vent…its come a long way!

Here’s a video tour for you as well 🙂

(Mostly for my parents…because they may just be the original do-it-yourself-ers)


On the to-do list:






Lots and lots of painting.  We’ve got a long way to go.

But some how, the massive deconstruction of our bedroom does not bother me!  Good thing 🙂



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