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Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Yes…it is true. We are parents of a 3 year old…crazy!

We had so much fun celebrating with our little guy this year.

On his birthday I took him to get a special hair cut (Hubby and I usually cut it ourselves, but this local kids salon had a great deal I bought online a couple months back). The salon is ONLY for kids. Its really cool. The kids get to sit in their choice of an airplane, race car, jeep, or train while they get their hair cut. They also get to choose a DVD to watch on a personal little flat screen TV in front of them..(crazy right?) Also they wash and style their hair, put whatever color washable highlights in it at the end, give them a sucker, a balloon, and a animal sticker tattoo. What more could a kid ask for right? I think our Little Man had a blast:

This year we planned a very laid back BBQ at a local park for Little Mans party. Last year, you may remember that we ended up having to cancel his 2nd b-day party when he came down with a fever the morning of the party. So sad…mostly for me. He really had no idea. So we spent a lot of evening praying that God would mercifully give Isaac a healthy body to celebrate his birthday with his friends this year.    And what do you know, he was healthy as a horse this year for his par-tay! He had SO much fun. Take a look:

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Happy 3rd Birthday to my not-so-little baby boy!


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Easter Egg Hunting

Easter was very very laid back this year. We spent most of the day relaxing at home.

We had a little Easter Egg hunt at Hubby’s parents and Little Man had a blast.

There wasn’t much competition…so it was a leisurely hunt.

Doesn’t he really look like such a little MAN?

I could just eat him up.

I mean seriously…he is so cute…

(Gotta love the tennis shoes with the business attire!)

Showin’ them muscles!

I think it is very possible I may have the two most handsome men on earth living under the same roof as me.

And heres a fun little photo shoot with Daddy:

Yes.  Little Man is playing the congas on Hubby’s head.  Boys…

Hope you had a wonderful day, celebrating our risen Lord.  Praise Him!

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Easter Week 2011

This year Easter has been particularly fun with Little Man. He is able to absorb so much more this year. He’s also able to participate in fun activities that grow his understanding of Jesus and His sacrifice for us as well as fun activities that are just… well… fun!  Like dying Easter eggs 🙂

This year we Little Man and I took a morning early in the week to make Resurrection Eggs.

Check out how to make your own here.  Each egg has something in it that reminds us of a different moment during the very first ‘Easter week’  that starts with the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples and ends with the empty tomb.  We just used things from around the house.  We have gone through these at least once a day together.  He’s been so excited about them that anyone who steps foot in our house gets to see them and hear all about them.  Its sweet to see Him excited about it.

Today we dyed Easter eggs for the first time.

Below is a little slide show of some pictures of this event.  He had a blast!

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This Easter has been so much fun with our little guy getting so big!

What a fun little man I have 🙂


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Playin’ in the water

We made the decision to give Little Man the garden hose this weekend…and turn it on.

Below is what followed in picture form.

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As you may notice, I kept a very safe distance 🙂


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Little Man Meets Miss Patty Cake

If you have children, you may have heard of Miss Patty Cake?  If not, you are in for a special treat 🙂

Little Man LOVES this lady.  We came across some old VHS’s at Hubby’s parents house last year of Miss Patty Cake.  She is a women who preforms a character she names, Miss Patty Cake (obviously) and she teaching children biblical truths, scripture, godly character and even things like healthy eating.

Anyways, I drove past a huge church in our area and saw that Miss Patty Cake was going to be doing a LIVE show there, that weekend. So, I called Hubby, bought tickets, and attempted to explain to Little Man that we were going to get to see her in person.  This proved to be a very hard thing to explain…

Below are a few videos and pictures of the show.  It was really fun to take him to something so special.  I think he liked it 🙂

Little Man even got to meet Miss Patty Cake!

Fun times!


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Little Man and his Trike

With a few warm days scattered amidst warnings of snow, here’s one of the ways we’ve been celebrating outside.

Hope you’re enjoying whatever weather you’ve been gifted today!

(for us today its rainy and yucky so lots of indoor activities for us…no trikes today other than around the living room…yes I let my son ride his bike around the house.)

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Dancing Machine

Our son is…hilarious.  I laugh with him daily.  Hubby and I have a hay day exchanging silly Little Man stories at the end of the day.  The most hilarious one recently happened early this morning as Hubby went to correct  Little Man after he had thrown a play tractor across the room.

Hubby (with his morning breath..we’ve all got it!) got down to his level, got close to Little Man’s face and told him firmly, “We do not throw trucks across the room…”

Little Man sniffed the air and reported back to his Daddy, “Smells like poo poo…”

I laugh so hard out loud right now as I type, just recalling the incident.  (Updated to inform that I have hubby’s complete permission to share that story!)

Here are some videos from this MLK holiday morning of our hilarious Little Man being a dancing machine.




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