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Christmas Traditions

This year more than ever we are thinking about family traditions for our little family of 3.  Little Man is getting to the age where he can partake in family activities and is so teachable.  So we have been paying more purposeful attention to the things we want to embed into our family.

On a less serious note, I made an observation this year that we have started a silly tradition.  When Little Man was a baby and we were putting up our tree with him for the first time we came across this tiny hat.  Who knows where in the world it came from.  But of course we put it on his head and took a picture.  See:

(2008 Little Man 6 months)

And every year since then…

(2009 Little Man 18 months)

(2010 Little Man 2.5 years old)

I do love this little tradition!


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This Day In History: Happy Mother’s Day

Thinking today about what we were doing one year ago on this very same day.

It was my 1st Mother’s Day as a real live Momma!

We were living in TN.  Little Man was 15 months old.

Hubby had helped Little Man paint me a mothers day card, my first.

And we spent the morning packing up little things here and there for our little trip…

To Australia…

The flight ended up canceled and rescheduled for the next day, so we spent our first mothers day sleeping in a hotel in Nashville, TN.

That evening as we sat in the hotel restaurant that neither hubby, I or the 10+ university students would have been able to afford without the meal vouchers from the airline…I watched Little Man sitting in his highchair, being so sweet and silly.  I remember looking around at the faces of our sweet friends laughing, my amazing sacrificial husband, and my adorably hilarious baby boy.  There was an air of excitement with a touch anxiety as we waited and waited to embark on a trip that held what only God knew, that was broken only for a moment here and there by our son’s antics (giving a thumbs up and a “Yeah” when asked by a passing waiter whether or not he’d be taking care of the bill, etc.)

There are many things I do NOT remember like what I had for dinner, the specific words spoken during the conversations had that evening, or how in the world we got by with only our carry on bags with us, and why exactly we only had access to our carry on bags…who knows.

However there is plenty that I will absolutely remember.  And thinking  about it now, there is no other way I would have asked to spend my 1st mothers day.

Hope all my mother friends and family as well as my own Momma herself  (:-) have a wonderful day today.

“Let us remember always that it is not the tasks we preform, nor the duties we fulfill that define us,

but Him who died and rose again and lived His life to find us.”

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