Halloween 2011

Thought you all may want to see some pictorials from this years Halloween.  Little Man was a pirate.  It all started when he bought a plastic pirate hook from a yard sale about 2 months ago…I had a blast making his costume this year.  (The first time I have attempted such a feat!)  Take a look:

But come on…you know us.  We couldn’t stop there.  Hubby has been growing his beard out for…two months I think.  And he used Halloween as the perfect excuse to shave.  What came of this you ask?

And you KNOW I couldn’t be left out…nor could the baby in my belly, soooo:

It is true.  We were a family of pirates this year, with a baby buccaneer and all!

I got the idea to make the baby buccaneer shirt here.  (My very favorite crafty blog)

And does this picture of Hubby holding Little Man’s hook not crack you up and make your heart melt a little?

We walked around our street chatting with neighbors and collecting candy.  Then we went to meet up with some friends who live close to us and met some of their neighbors.  It was a lot of fun.  Little Man had a blast!

Now to rid ourselves of this excessive amount of sugary treats…


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2 responses to “Halloween 2011

  1. Katie Ogle

    Melissa!!!!! This is the Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lacytatum

    Too cute!!!

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